Quarter-End Crazy

As many of you know, I am a senior in High School. We have been drawing to the end of our third quarter, which means most teachers are stressed, grumpy, and giving too much homework. Ugh.

Needless to say, I have procrastinated several pieces of English homework in favor of working on Texas Stars. I have no regrets, quilting keeps me sane. (no worries, the homework is all done now)


I have gotten two blocks done since I last posted, and this is the one I am most pleased with. The rope fabric is the cutest stuff, and the block gave me no trouble while assembling it, which is certainly endearing in my book.

The next block is a simpler color scheme, but I find it pleasing. I like rich blues and golds. It did lose favorite points however, mostly due to the fact that as I was sewing the half-square triangles, I got turned around and sewed some of the wrong colors together, and in the process of trying to fix it ran out of bobbin thread. Not only was the bobbin on the machine empty, but my store of pre-wound ones was also gone! I had to bring operations to a full halt until I had more bobbins again, and by then I felt rather silly. Rarely have I been so (sew, haha) defeated by an inanimate object.

Do any of you ever feel your sewing is winning?

Much love,


Yes or No…

So, I thought that my picture arrangement was for this outfit was sheer genius, but looking at the pictures…I don’t think this worked quite as well as I hoped. Oh well, you are all creative people, I’m sure you can put all of this together. It was a good idea that was modeled in a slightly unfortunate way.


I thought that the tree shade would provide some artistic shading for the outfit…The shading was accomplished, but not in quite the way I expected.


This outfit consists of a very simple black dress, a much used and loved red belt, and my all purpose red jacket which I kind of wear whenever it works. And sometimes when it doesn’t I’m sure. The final touch (And my favorite) are my perfect red shoes, which are not only classy, but comfy as well.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday Styles

This week’s fashion post is from this morning, because I’ve been having a really hard week and haven’t really been thinking about my fashion parade. Thank heavens for Sunday! I always have something cute to take a picture of for church, so it’s saving me this week.

Today’s fashion statement…


I’ve posted about this dress before, but it now has an official outfit, and it’s accessorized, so it gets a second turn.

Budget (Top to bottom):

Blue String Necklace (Not seen in picture above): $2.00 at a thrift store, a surprise present from my mom.

Navy Belt: $1.00 another thrift store find.

Red Lace Dress: $3.00 on a whim. (Again thrift, but I added the accent fabric.)

Navy Heels: $4.00 (Guess where!)

TOTAL: $10.00


Thanks for reading, and for all the support you give me!


Red Refashions






So, I’ve mostly been doing clothing refashions lately, and I’ve been neglecting you all.


For this dress, I added on all of the blue accents you can see, plus a panel across the back. Finish with a belt and tada, we’re done.


Little Boy Row Quilt

The twin brother to a quilt that I made a little while ago, I might even like it more than it’s sister! This quilt is too cute! I hope that someone will like it as much as I do.

I like the back to this one. I considered putting the stripes on the back perpendicular to the stripes on the front, but decided that parallel looked better.

This is an easy quilt to make to. Take 20- 25 Width Of Fabric strips ( WOF ) that are 1-1/2″ – 3-1/2 inches wide. Cut the selvage off one of the ends. Arrange the strips in a pleasing order. Sew all the strips together making sure all the cut ends are on the same side and line up. Iron flat and trim the sides square. Add a good back and binding and you are done.

Thanks for reading!

Pioneer Days In Patriotic Utah

I love living in Utah because of the strong sense of patriotism. In July we don’t just have independence day, we also have pioneer day. Even at public events, small bits of history are played out on the streets, simply for enjoyment.

One of the best thing in the world , in my opinion is to hear prancing horse hooves as old-time western shoot out is reenacted to delight all the spectators.

Every time a stage couch was robbed the strong box held nothing but candy. Oh darn!

If you want to learn more about Pioneer Days go HERE.

Thank you for reading!