Quarter Square Triangles

There are some things in this life that you mean to learn, but don’t, and the day you finally do, you wonder how you ever lived without them. So, I am happy to report, I have learned how to make quarter-square triangles. How did I live without these? They look so cool…Anyway, if you can’t tell, I really like quarter-square triangles now. I love how simple they are. I find them satisfying to make (also, I use the speed piecing technique, which just makes them better).

So, that’s the third finished 12″ block that I’ve made for Texas stars. Wait? What 3?????


Yep, three. I was a slacker and forgot to post the second block. So I’ll do that thing now.

I am pleased with the progress. I have to say, it’s taking a lot of conscious thought to make the quilt properly masculine and not-flowery. I’m not accustomed to making quilts in that sort of style, at all, but we all need to stretch ourselves, right?

Sparkle Jane


Ahhhh…The Appropriateness…..

After searching around a bit I discovered that today is world water day. How appropriate! Today I shall celebrate by working like fury on my “water” bargello quilt. Saturdays are quilting days for me. Last Tuesday I posted an update on the quilt, so here’s another.


I’ve been working busily, and I really am liking the results. Today I’m going to start cutting the large blocks into the correctly sized strips. Sewing all of those together took a long time, plus I stayed up a wee bit (meaning 2 hours) too late finishing. But I did get myself to bed. Eventually.


One funny story for my readers. I worked on cutting all of those fabric strips out in class one day. One of my friends came over and was asking what on earth I was doing. I explained quilting the way my Mom and I joke about. “Oh quilting is sort of a disease in our family. All the women have this insane urge to cut a perfectly good piece of fabric up and sew it back together again.” ¬†He (it was a male friend) looked slightly confused, and then asked tentatively, “Are you going to cut it up again after that?” I, stifling laughter, replied. “Yes, and into even smaller pieces than before!” He looking thoroughly bemused, asked “How does your Father put up with the two of you?!” I replied saying that quilting was a stress outlet for my Mother and me, and that my Father understood that ¬†quilting kept us happy and sane. He didn’t reply, but his face suggested that he questioned just how sane we really were. (I was doing my best not to laugh through the whole conversation, mostly because I don’t typically cut it up twice, just once. But with bargellos, it is twice, and I was having too much fun to admit that!)

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane