Quarter Square Triangles

There are some things in this life that you mean to learn, but don’t, and the day you finally do, you wonder how you ever lived without them. So, I am happy to report, I have learned how to make quarter-square triangles. How did I live without these? They look so cool…Anyway, if you can’t tell, I really like quarter-square triangles now. I love how simple they are. I find them satisfying to make (also, I use the speed piecing technique, which just makes them better).

So, that’s the third finished 12″ block that I’ve made for Texas stars. Wait? What 3?????


Yep, three. I was a slacker and forgot to post the second block. So I’ll do that thing now.

I am pleased with the progress. I have to say, it’s taking a lot of conscious thought to make the quilt properly masculine and not-flowery. I’m not accustomed to making quilts in that sort of style, at all, but we all need to stretch ourselves, right?

Sparkle Jane


Not as Scary as I Thought it Would Be

It really wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It was just kind of big. Or in my opinion, REALLY big.

red apple-sarah quilt 006

Isn’t this pretty!!!!!!!!! I love the colors! I love the design, and basically just love  this quilt

red apple-sarah quilt 009

The diagonals on the border worried me when I first looked a them, but there really quite easy I’ve  discovered.

red apple-sarah quilt 007

I love this fabric line! I’m not typically a fan of pink but I love this!

red apple-sarah quilt 008

And a slightly pieced back is the final touch.

This quilt has been shipped off to its happy home with Katie,who is the daughter of Sarah, who ordered it.

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane