Agricultural Work Comes To Quilting

Though I am predominately a quilter, I also love the outdoors. Along with that love for the outdoors comes a love of plants and flowers, so my house is full of them. My personal favorite is a miniature lemon tree that we got when I was either five or six. I think that my parents never expected any fruit to come off that tree, or even for the tree to survive, but because they’re good parents, and they loved me, they bought me a lemon tree, Utah living and all. It took a couple of years, but every summer, we’d move the tree outside to soak up the sunny goodness, and during the winter it lived a safe and warm distance from a window so it could be sunny and not froze.

After about 2 years, we got a few lemons off it. I believe that the first “Crop” was something like four 1/4 pound lemons off the 1 1/2 tall tree. These small but immensely satisfying harvests continued for several years, until about 3 years ago, when we started getting more like 20 lemons instead of four. I harvested the first lemon of this year on Thursday.



This particular fruit weighs more than half a pound, and has about 20 fellows on the tree.

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Chicken Update

Finally time has been dropped in front of me. What a surprise, I have time to type!Well back to the subject. all the chickens have been named. The larger of the to white chickens is named Victoria, the smaller, Mrs. Winners. The dark red one is Churchy, and the lighter red one is Houdini, and don’t forget K.F.P.

We have had many good breakfasts so far. Fried egg from those chickens are great!

The big surprise came when we found a double yolk egg, which was twice as big as a normal egg and, according to my dad, absolutely Delicious.

This week has been awesome.

Sparkle Jane