Should It Fly?

So, I need a new way to post consistently. I’m absolutely terrible at remembering, and this is a problem. I really do want to post, and I love hearing from all of you, but hey, my life is busy, and in the process,¬† I forget. So, here’s my plan. Every Saturday, I’ll post an outfit from the week, explaining a few things about it, and a few clothing suggestions. I’ll post other stuff too when I think about it and get the time, but hopefully this’ll help me remember.

So, I know this is a day late, but better late then never.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis outfit consists of several things, but here’s a list, top to bottom.

Fabulous Black Hat: Garage sale find by Mom, $1.00.

Indian Looking Choker Necklace: Given by a friend who works on movie sets.

White T-shirt: Thrift store purchase, $2.00.

Ripped Up (But not holey) Brand Name Jeans: Given to me at garage sale by someone who wanted to get rid of stuff. The added fabric behind the holes was my own act, I dislike gapping on my thighs.

PERFECT Turquoise And Brown Cowboy Boots: Sent to me by my fantastic grandmother, $60.00.

TOTAL: $63.00


So, quick explanation of my thinking while putting this together.

This was built around the boots, and because of that, the outfit needed to be country. Jeans kind of symbolize country everything for me, so these ripped up brown accent jeans couldn’t have been more perfect. The white shirt was a point of vanity for me, I tan extremely easily and white makes me look even darker. The necklace matched beautifully, and it’s my favorite, so I figured I might as well wear it, and the hat…Well, I think that the hat needs little or not explanation considering¬† I was going for country.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo there’s my first attempt at fashion advice, don’t know how it went, but hopefully this will help me remember to post on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading,