Well Then…

So, dearest readers, I forgot you. I am SO sorry, but I just now got on my blog and realized a horrifying thing. I have not posted since HALLOWEEN. Oops. So, a few updates. I’m making a quilt for an old teacher who is having her first baby (It’s a girl, pictures of the quilt soon). I’m also working on a forever-old afghan project (Again, pictures soon). Something I can show you a picture of is my Thanksgiving (Better late than never). I got to spend my holiday at my Grandparents, and I got to see my cousins.


The adorable 6-year-old is my cousin Kacey. She’s the energy of the family, and can always make me smile.

I’ll try to post more frequently,



A Hip Hop Halloween

At the end of first and third quarter, my high school has a two-week seminar style class that we call “Intensives”. This quarter, I chose Hip Hop. Our first day, we went to an African dance studio a few miles from the school and learned about the origins of Hip Hop. Throughout the rest of that week, we choreographed a personal dance routine for a music video, researched one particular dance style, and began learning two different dances choreographed by the teacher. Week two, we spent a  day filming the music videos, presented our dance style research, and worked on cleaning up form on the dances the teachers had picked for us.

At the end of each day, for the last 10 minutes of class, we all stood in a circle in the gym. The teachers would kill the lights so it was fairly dim, and we would take turns going into the middle of the circle and dancing a 5 second solo. The first week, our dancing was pretty silly, and most of it wasn’t Hip Hop, but by the end of the second week, we all had something cool to share.

The second week we instituted “Choreography fun”. About half an hour before our ending Hip Hop circle, the teachers would tell us what sort of choreography they wanted, put us in groups, gave us a song and some speakers and said “Go”. One day we were all given songs that weren’t Hip Hop music at all and were told to go get moves that matched the lyrics. Another day we were given Hip Hop songs and told to add a certain move into our dances while still going with the lyrics.20 minutes isn’t much time to choreograph, but we did well.

We were also bringing a change over the school. Early on we discovered that when we all turned on different songs in the gym, you couldn’t hear ANYONE’S music. So we moved things out into the lunchroom area. To our dismay, having 4 groups in the gym and 4 in the lunchroom was still entirely too loud. In a moment of bravery, our teachers said “Go wherever you can hear yourself think.” If I recall the final arrangement correctly, it went something like this:  2 groups on opposite ends of the gym, 2 groups in the lunchroom. 2 groups upstairs (On opposite sides of the school). And finally 2 groups in the downstairs hall way, one about in the middle and one at the far end. Because of this spread, the whole school pulsed with music all day, not loud enough to disrupt, but loud enough to be there. Kids from other intensives came to watch us on break, and the whole school wanted to know what we were doing in the gym when we didn’t let people watch.

On the last half of the last day of intensives, all of the classes presented their projects to the school. For the first half we worked on final presentation prep. Everyone else was in class rooms, so we Hip Hop people flooded the hall and worked on our “Art”. Finally it was time to look and share–ready or not. Slide shows, art work, a scale model of Rome, it was all very nice.  Then the principal asked everyone to move to one end of the gym and sit. We all came strolling together, and everyone started to realize that the kids with scary makeup were all from the same intensive.


Yeah, it was pretty cool. We performed Thriller, and it was the most exhilarating thing ever. It was so successful, and we all had a great time.


The makeup was a combined effort of my own work and a friend’s, and it was very entertaining, especially because it tickled.


Thanks for reading, hope you had a happy Halloween!


Should It Fly?

So, I need a new way to post consistently. I’m absolutely terrible at remembering, and this is a problem. I really do want to post, and I love hearing from all of you, but hey, my life is busy, and in the process,  I forget. So, here’s my plan. Every Saturday, I’ll post an outfit from the week, explaining a few things about it, and a few clothing suggestions. I’ll post other stuff too when I think about it and get the time, but hopefully this’ll help me remember.

So, I know this is a day late, but better late then never.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis outfit consists of several things, but here’s a list, top to bottom.

Fabulous Black Hat: Garage sale find by Mom, $1.00.

Indian Looking Choker Necklace: Given by a friend who works on movie sets.

White T-shirt: Thrift store purchase, $2.00.

Ripped Up (But not holey) Brand Name Jeans: Given to me at garage sale by someone who wanted to get rid of stuff. The added fabric behind the holes was my own act, I dislike gapping on my thighs.

PERFECT Turquoise And Brown Cowboy Boots: Sent to me by my fantastic grandmother, $60.00.

TOTAL: $63.00


So, quick explanation of my thinking while putting this together.

This was built around the boots, and because of that, the outfit needed to be country. Jeans kind of symbolize country everything for me, so these ripped up brown accent jeans couldn’t have been more perfect. The white shirt was a point of vanity for me, I tan extremely easily and white makes me look even darker. The necklace matched beautifully, and it’s my favorite, so I figured I might as well wear it, and the hat…Well, I think that the hat needs little or not explanation considering  I was going for country.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo there’s my first attempt at fashion advice, don’t know how it went, but hopefully this will help me remember to post on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading,


The Endless Project…

We’ve all had those projects that we started…And they won’t end…

I’m being haunted by one of those “phantom” projects right now. It seems to me that no matter how many of the Frances quilt tops I get done,there’s just another one to smile evilly at me needing to be sewn together. AGH! This is driving me crazy! I’ll push through, I just might be crazy by the end.


Well, If Nothing Else….

So, as many of you know, my mom and I are big into thrift shopping. Weather it be thrift stores or garage sales, it’s kinda what we do. We’ve always had really good experiences with this (Including prom dresses), so frequently, that’s just how we shop. I’m going to be moving into high school, and this means one thing: Totally new wardrobe.

You may be wondering “Why would moving into high school require a new wardrobe?”. There is a simple answer to this. The middle school has a uniform, the high school has a “dress code”. All of my school wardrobe is the uniform, so I am lacking any clothes to go to high school with. My mom’s challenge: Can we buy your whole wardrobe with $100?

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s really not. Saturdays are shopping days, and we did quite well I think. I’ll give you all full details, later, but here’s a basic rundown.

6 Tops/ 2 pairs of jeans – Garage sale – $3.00

(one pair of the jeans not shown)

1 Top – Garage sale – $0.25

2 Tops/ 1 adorable jacket – Thrift store – $10.00







I am so pleased! Not a bad start for a first weekend, and I have all summer to finish the work started.

Thanks for reading,



Well, I Have Been…

I have been being useful, regardless of my lack of activity. Between all of the school, dancing, and homework, I haven’t had much downtime. All of my time that I have been on the computer has mostly been devoted to the writing of essays.  All eighth graders have a typing test soon, so I’ve been doing practice essays at school. Thusly a severe lack of postiness.

But believe it or not, I have been getting a little done. In science we’re learning about water, and we got to pick a personal project. Our teacher said that we could pick any project, as long as it had to do with water: Art, poems, experiments, whatever. We gave her a proposal, and she would approve, make suggestions, or disapprove, with information on why.  My proposal: An all blue, purple, and sea-foam green bargello quilt. It demonstrates the wave patterns of water, right? 🙂 My teacher loved the idea, and thusly…This.


Trying to choose how to lay out all those little pieces is exhausting! Thusly me, dead on the floor (not literally) and still dreaming about how on earth I could decide. I did, eventually, and now I’ve been busily sewing like a maniac. I’ve been on one of those sewing kicks where you can’t really stop for too long without hearing the fabric singing to you from the sewing room. 🙂 Most of my weekend has been spent in the sewing room, busily sewing away.


So there you are. I’ve been sewing, and just haven’t had typing times.  I hope you all had a good Valentines Day.

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane