Quilts Sold

These quilts have all been sent to their new, loving homes.  If you see anything here you like, please let me know.  As the quilts are made from scrap, each is unique, but I might be able to create something similar for you. (This is not a complete list)

Neat and tidy 41″x41″-$70 (SOLD-THANK YOU)

Blue and Green Bow tie with Vintage Back $21 (SOLD-THANK YOU)

Bright Bow-tie with Orange Back $21( SOLD-THANK YOU)

All the horrors of Halloween-45″x 45″- $75( SOLD-THANK YOU)

Red Chains with Pillows  $21 (SOLD THANK YOU)

Calico Pinwheels 18 x 22 inches  $21 (SOLD THANK YOU)

Dino days 34″x 34″ $60 (Sold-thank you)

Busy bumblebees 43″x45″ 75$ (SOLD  THANK YOU)

Calico Nine-patch 18x 22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Shabby On-point (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Sunflower Dreams 46″x46″ (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Fall Snowballs (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Green 16-patch (SOLD–Thank you)

Pink and Orange Nine-patch 18×21 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Purple Stripe 20×23 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Red Nine-Patch 18×22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Green Stripe 20 X 23 inches (SOLD–Thank You)

Rainbow Nine-patch 21 x 21 inches (SOLD–Thank You)

Pink and Brown Pinwheels 18 x 22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU!)

Red Irish Chain (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Blue and Green Pinwheel (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Halloween Kitties On Point 16 1/2 x 21 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Blue and White Postage Stamp 18×22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU!)

Calico Nine-Patch 18×22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Orange and Black Nine-patch 18×21 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Pink and White Nine-patch 18×21 (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Ballerina Mice 18 x 22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Hawaiian Pinwheels SOLD-THANK YOU

Dalmatians on Point 16-1/2 x 21 inches SOLD–THANK YOU

Cows on Point 16-1/2 x 21 inches SOLD–THANK YOU

Scrappy Blue Stripe 16×18 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Scrappy Postage Stamp 18×18 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Purple and Green Pinwheel 18×22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Blue Pinwheel Lap Quilt 60×60 inches.  Special Pricing (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Blue and Black Nine-patch  18×21 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Red/Brown/Gold Pinwheel 18×22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Green/Blue/Yellow Pinwheel 18 x 22 inches (SOLD–THANK YOU)

Pink and Chocolate Nine-patch 18×21 inches ( SOLD THANK YOU )

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