Custom Orders

In some ways, custom orders are my very favorite. I love collaborating with people to combine their ideas and mine, and the end product is always so amazing.

If you’d like to place an order, or if you’d just like to talk about possibilities, please email me at Most of the quilts that I make for general sale are really basic patterns, but I also do much more complex things as well.



The picture above is a photograph of a piece of a quilt that I’m making for my bed at the moment. Instead of being made out of scraps, its made out of 27 (I think…?) different specific pieces of fabric that I picked out to make it perfect for me.


The fabric finding process can sometimes be very tiring, especially when it’s for your own quilt, but it’s very worth it. When making custom orders, I would be glad to collaborate with you in finding the perfect fabric, or use fabric that you send me to make the pattern and size of your choice.

red apple-sarah quilt 006

This is a custom order that I made for a friend of the family as a surprise present for their daughter (The quilt is in her favorite colors) They shipped me the fabric+pattern, and we spent a couple of days deciding where all of the colors would go before we got it to be exactly what they wanted.

I’m always glad to help out on anything like that. It’s partially selfish to be honest, the custom orders are a fun challenge.

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