And So It Begins

Yesterday my mom and I settled into the sewing room, and I have officially finished my first 12 inch block of the Texas Stars quilt.


I’m starting out small and simple. It’s been a while since I last did more intricate piecing, so for right now I’m taking baby steps. I love this block though. The bright buttery yellow and the deep red really pop together nicely.

Just as a reminder, I need star blocks!!!! The sizes I’m looking for are: 12″, 8″, 6″, and 4″ blocks. Anything star like would be great. Also, if you have any tips or tricks for the best way to piece things, that would be great. I’m definitely in the learning stage here.

Thanks loves!

Sparkle Jane

A New 52

As some of you know, my mom and I made 52 quilts in 2015 to donate to the hospital that preformed life saving heart surgery on me when I was twelve. It was an amazing experience, and it was so heartwarming to see the gratitude of the doctors and the people who received them.

Because that experience has so stuck with me, a pile of leftover fabric joining our household had an immediate and obvious use (p.s. It’s not actually for quilts).


One of my friends that attends a different high school made teddy bears for a class service project, and they were beyond adorable. I mean, just look at it!


While the teddy bears originally seemed like an excellent idea, his school group quickly discovered that they had purchased about 20 times more fabric than they needed for 10 bears (as I’m sure is obvious from the previous picture, they’re really not very big and they had gotten more than 10 yards of fleece), and somehow it was decided that the leftover fabric was coming to live at my house.

Hey, no complaints here. I’ll always take it.

So, our new project is…TEDDY BEARS!!!!


Thankfully, the bears only take 1-2 hours as opposed to the quilts that took 10+, which will allow me to do a lot more even with my packed schedule.  I’m super excited. If any of you want to pitch in, I’d love the help, and I can send you a pattern with some basic instructions. Depending on how many get made, I’d love to donate to the hospital the helped me, our local police station, and potentially a couple of shelters and other hospitals in the area.

Love, Sparkle

“One of the greatest accomplishments in this word would be that of lifting human hearts. Blessed are they that are kind and considerate of the feelings of other people.” 

-Richard L. Evans 

The Next Big Step

My best friend is on his mission in Texas, and has been gone for about a year now. About six months ago my mom and I were visiting my grandparents in Colorado and decided to check out a quilt store in town. Of course, one thing led to another, and I found this absolutely perfect Texas fabric that is just beyond adorable. (Somehow I didn’t take a picture of it, sorry, I’ll fix that later.)

I had school off Monday so I made a day of fabric picking. (There’s also a blue pile, but that was chosen after I took some pictures.)

Every block in the quilt is going to be a different star block, so if any of you have a favorite, please send it to me! It’s going to take a whole bunch, and the layout uses different block sizes, so I’d love help finding great ones.

Thank you!


My New Adventure

As many of you know, I’m a ballerina as well as a quilter for most of the year. But over the summer, ballet gets out, and I tend to get out of shape. So, we decided to find me another sport.


I’m always a mess afterwards, but a happy, sweaty, hopefully in shape mess. I love my new boxing gloves.


His New Adventure

Some of you may remember a while ago when I asked you to send me quotes to help my struggling friend. He loved his box of letters, and they worked wonders in his life. He cried when he got it, and cried many days afterwards whenever he pulled out a quote or story that perfectly applied to his current struggle for that day.

Well, that friend is currently attending BYU, and will finish out this summer semester and probably the first term of fall before he starts his new adventure.

He’s going on a LDS mission. He opened his call (mission assignment) this past Saturday, and has been called to serve in the Aquas Calientes Mexico mission.  He leaves the end of October to the missionary training center in Mexico City, and will enter the mission field shortly after.

I would ask another favor of you older and wiser souls now. Though he is extremely excited to go on his mission, it will not be easy. He’s going to face many trials, and he’ll be away from home and loved ones for two years. If you would write small notes of encouragement and inspiration, I will be sending him these notes to be opened and read in case of a bleh kind of day. I’m sure they will help just as much as the previous ones.

Many thanks,


Sweet 16 and Tears

Well, here I am again. Glory, it has been a while. Anyway, I’m now 16 (as of May), and still quilting away! I’ve mostly been working on my big batik mystery project, and that is coming along oh-so-nicely for me. Honestly, the quilt is a little eclectic and random, but so is the maker so I think it’s alright.

I ought to be around a little more frequently now, haha. I know I say that all the time, but for real now, because I have an excellent reason. At the high school I attend, seniors have a mandatory number of service hours (30 or 40 I think) that must be completed to graduate. Now I suppose you’re saying “But Sparkle isn’t a senior next year, she’s a junior”. That is quite accurate. However, along with the valedictorian of a senior class, my school also has two salutatorians, one for leadership and one for service.

I want to be the service salutatorian for my senior class. There, I’ve gone and said it, it’s an official goal. Of course, I’m sure that this goal doesn’t really tell why I’ll be posting more, but I’m getting to that. All the service done (and you can be assisted by groups you organize) must be fully documented to count in any way. What better way to do this than a blog? I won’t be using this blog of course; I’m making another one just for that purpose, but whenever I’m online posting on my service blog I will also do my best to post on here.

Now, I need to give a huge thank you to my mom and dad, and all the people who donated fabric, love, and time to my big quilt project for 2015. I love and appreciate you all, so much. However, my family deserves an extra big thank you, because they’ve really started my salutatorian project for me.



Now, I know this isn’t the best picture, but they went to Shutterfly and made me a book.

20160531_212413 (1)

Like a real, hard cover, color printed, honest-to-goodness book. It’s absolutely beautiful. The morning of my birthday I went traipsing into the kitchen to find this at my place on the table. Needless to say, I was soon in tears.


I cannot say thank you enough to those who helped me get here.

Thank you!!!


P.S. I’ll post more about my service blog later. Happy quilting!



So I’m finally back! Lot’s of things have been happening, though little has been documented. And apologies about the blurry picture, I blame my phone camera for that, but the quilt itself will be lovely I think.


In the spaces between the grey and black squares there are going to be big gold star blocks. I’ve started the blocks already, but I’ll keep you updated.