Quarter Square Triangles

There are some things in this life that you mean to learn, but don’t, and the day you finally do, you wonder how you ever lived without them. So, I am happy to report, I have learned how to make quarter-square triangles. How did I live without these? They look so cool…Anyway, if you can’t tell, I really like quarter-square triangles now. I love how simple they are. I find them satisfying to make (also, I use the speed piecing technique, which just makes them better).

So, that’s the third finished 12″ block that I’ve made for Texas stars. Wait? What 3?????


Yep, three. I was a slacker and forgot to post the second block. So I’ll do that thing now.

I am pleased with the progress. I have to say, it’s taking a lot of conscious thought to make the quilt properly masculine and not-flowery. I’m not accustomed to making quilts in that sort of style, at all, but we all need to stretch ourselves, right?

Sparkle Jane

Agricultural Work Comes To Quilting

Though I am predominately a quilter, I also love the outdoors. Along with that love for the outdoors comes a love of plants and flowers, so my house is full of them. My personal favorite is a miniature lemon tree that we got when I was either five or six. I think that my parents never expected any fruit to come off that tree, or even for the tree to survive, but because they’re good parents, and they loved me, they bought me a lemon tree, Utah living and all. It took a couple of years, but every summer, we’d move the tree outside to soak up the sunny goodness, and during the winter it lived a safe and warm distance from a window so it could be sunny and not froze.

After about 2 years, we got a few lemons off it. I believe that the first “Crop” was something like four 1/4 pound lemons off the 1 1/2 tall tree. These small but immensely satisfying harvests continued for several years, until about 3 years ago, when we started getting more like 20 lemons instead of four. I harvested the first lemon of this year on Thursday.



This particular fruit weighs more than half a pound, and has about 20 fellows on the tree.

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Well Then…

So, dearest readers, I forgot you. I am SO sorry, but I just now got on my blog and realized a horrifying thing. I have not posted since HALLOWEEN. Oops. So, a few updates. I’m making a quilt for an old teacher who is having her first baby (It’s a girl, pictures of the quilt soon). I’m also working on a forever-old afghan project (Again, pictures soon). Something I can show you a picture of is my Thanksgiving (Better late than never). I got to spend my holiday at my Grandparents, and I got to see my cousins.


The adorable 6-year-old is my cousin Kacey. She’s the energy of the family, and can always make me smile.

I’ll try to post more frequently,


Yes or No…

So, I thought that my picture arrangement was for this outfit was sheer genius, but looking at the pictures…I don’t think this worked quite as well as I hoped. Oh well, you are all creative people, I’m sure you can put all of this together. It was a good idea that was modeled in a slightly unfortunate way.


I thought that the tree shade would provide some artistic shading for the outfit…The shading was accomplished, but not in quite the way I expected.


This outfit consists of a very simple black dress, a much used and loved red belt, and my all purpose red jacket which I kind of wear whenever it works. And sometimes when it doesn’t I’m sure. The final touch (And my favorite) are my perfect red shoes, which are not only classy, but comfy as well.

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Should It Fly?

So, I need a new way to post consistently. I’m absolutely terrible at remembering, and this is a problem. I really do want to post, and I love hearing from all of you, but hey, my life is busy, and in the process,¬† I forget. So, here’s my plan. Every Saturday, I’ll post an outfit from the week, explaining a few things about it, and a few clothing suggestions. I’ll post other stuff too when I think about it and get the time, but hopefully this’ll help me remember.

So, I know this is a day late, but better late then never.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis outfit consists of several things, but here’s a list, top to bottom.

Fabulous Black Hat: Garage sale find by Mom, $1.00.

Indian Looking Choker Necklace: Given by a friend who works on movie sets.

White T-shirt: Thrift store purchase, $2.00.

Ripped Up (But not holey) Brand Name Jeans: Given to me at garage sale by someone who wanted to get rid of stuff. The added fabric behind the holes was my own act, I dislike gapping on my thighs.

PERFECT Turquoise And Brown Cowboy Boots: Sent to me by my fantastic grandmother, $60.00.

TOTAL: $63.00


So, quick explanation of my thinking while putting this together.

This was built around the boots, and because of that, the outfit needed to be country. Jeans kind of symbolize country everything for me, so these ripped up brown accent jeans couldn’t have been more perfect. The white shirt was a point of vanity for me, I tan extremely easily and white makes me look even darker. The necklace matched beautifully, and it’s my favorite, so I figured I might as well wear it, and the hat…Well, I think that the hat needs little or not explanation considering¬† I was going for country.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo there’s my first attempt at fashion advice, don’t know how it went, but hopefully this will help me remember to post on a regular basis.

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School Promotes Creativity

So, I have a few things about school that I love. I enjoy math class, I really like writing, but I HATE losing my pens and pencils. At the beginning of a school year, I always get some nice pens and mechanical pencils, and by about a month into school, I can never find any of them. Not this year.


I made a pen roll! No more frustrating pen disappearances, and I can always find what I need!


School got me thinking. And now I can always find what I need!


Red Refashions






So, I’ve mostly been doing clothing refashions lately, and I’ve been neglecting you all.


For this dress, I added on all of the blue accents you can see, plus a panel across the back. Finish with a belt and tada, we’re done.