Here We Go…Again

Regardless of my lack of posting, I have been very productive. One of my former teachers had her first baby a few days ago, and this is the baby’s quilt.


Her husband still teaches at my school, so when we get back from Winter break I’ll be delivering it him. The quilt is made with scraps (No surprise) from a variety of different people and places. I will admit that if I’d had many more of the big pieces of print, I’d have probably hoarded them for myself and made a quilt for Sparkle instead of baby.


Thanks for reading, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas.


It’s Getting There…

Now, I quilted a lot last summer, as I do every summer. That’s great, I know that it’s good for me, and I enjoy it. But as I was cleaning out my room this year….



I had almost forgotten about these! They are both such sweet quilts, and they had somehow just been…I’m not really sure. Set aside or something? Anyway, they’re going to get done now, I have decided. I’m making up a bunch of tops, and then I’m going to quilt them all at once, and, as my mom puts it, bind until my fingers bleed. I’ve finished the little top that I posted about a few days ago.


It’s such a silly little thing, but I really enjoy working small, and I haven’t worked on anything new for a long time, so this made me feel vastly better. I hope to continue working away, and I’m planning on having a booth at the farmers market again this year.

Keep things crafty!



Market Report

Yay!  Success!  The weather, you ask?  Couldn’t have been better!  Last time I went (last year) it was so hot I almost didn’t want to be there.

Saturday was warm, but lots of cloud cover so we weren’t getting too hot. And, being right under a tree probably helped some. Now that I think about it, I should probably tell you where I was.


Every Saturday from July to September there is Farmers and Arts Market where people have booths and sell stuff.  There is a special program for young entrepreneurs. They call it Little Sprouts, which I HATE! But, it is a great opportunity since the booth space is only $5, and you have a good chance of being fairly compensated for your investment.

The day started out fairly slow, but by the end I sold three quilts and only had three pincushions left.  Note to self:  Make more pincushions. 🙂

One thing annoyed me.  Many, many people who walked by stopped and touched the quilts.  Well, really, they touched ONE quilt:  Lilac Hills.  That poor thing was so fingered up by the end of the day, that I just wanted to say, “Go ahead and BUY it already!”  But, alas, it came home and is sitting in my inventory pile still.  Oh, well, I am sure I will find its owner sometime.

 Thanks for reading!

More Than I Ever Expected!

Do any of you remember the post I did a while ago! The one called The Horror Of… The Big Clean!? Well at the end of that post I mentioned that I thought I had about, say, twenty projects. I was not even close! I need to get to work!

  1. Dino quilt
  2. Red quilt
  3. Teddy bear
  4. Mancala
  5. Flannel quilt
  6. Lady bug wall-hanging
  7. Bright baby girl quilt
  8. Schulte place mats
  9. Crocheted bag
  10. Quilted key chain
  11. Ducky quilt
  12. Old fashioned fabric quilt
  13. Pink pin wheel top
  14. Winter quilt on point
  15. Winter strip quilt
  16. Antique flower quilt
  17. Patriotic place mats
  18. ballerina mice quilt
  19. Valentine quilt
  20. Christmas stockings
  21. Halloween quilt
  22. Story block quilt
  23. Blue, yellow, and brown quilt
  24. Christmas quilt
  25. bumblebee quilt leftovers
  26. Purple and green quilt
  27. Pink and green triangle quilt
  28. Brown bee quilt
  29. Big pink and white blocks
  30. Christmas ornaments
  31. Blue and yellow quilt
  32. Picture frame
  33. Old fabric quilt
  34. Pink and red kitty quilt
  35. Bow tie quilt
  36. Painted kitties
  37. Antique cats quilt
  38. Berry quilt
  39. Boy and girl strip quilt
  40. Spring snowballs quilt
  41. Pin cushions
  42. Bugs quilt
  43. Civil war quilt
  44. Humming bird crosstitch
  45. frogs crosstitch

Oops… maybe I should work on those.

Red Chains (With Pillows!)

Red and white. Such a traditional combination, but so effective.

I have made several red and white quilts and all of them are really pretty, but I think that the irish chain is my favorite way to red and white. I love how it really looks like a chain. For a first attempt at pillows, it isn’t half bad don’t you think? This little bed-set can be bought in QUILTS FOR SALE above.

Keep quilting!

Curved Quilting

The quilting I used on these quilts was something I hadn’t tried before. The blue and pink one was made first.  A few rough spots.  

I can see a clear improvement was made on the second one.  Practice.  Practice.

Aren’t these things so cute! I absolutely love curved quilting. The pink and blue quilt is for sale and can be viewed in the QUILTS FOR SALE section above. The story block quilt is going to  be donated, or maybe I will keep it for a quilt to give to a friend.

Thanks for reading.

Snowball Quilts (spring and fall)

This is really a very effective pattern. I love it because it’s so easy but so pretty. The name fits it too, snowballs. Since it snows just about any time here in Utah, the colors are very realistic.

This one is Spring Snowballs (front and back).

This one is Fall Snowballs (front only).

These are both available for purchase in the QUILTS FOR SALE tab above.

Don’t worry these don’t make it snow in your house. ( The block won’t melt either).