Sunday Styles

This week’s fashion post is from this morning, because I’ve been having a really hard week and haven’t really been thinking about my fashion parade. Thank heavens for Sunday! I always have something cute to take a picture of for church, so it’s saving me this week.

Today’s fashion statement…


I’ve posted about this dress before, but it now has an official outfit, and it’s accessorized, so it gets a second turn.

Budget (Top to bottom):

Blue String Necklace (Not seen in picture above): $2.00 at a thrift store, a surprise present from my mom.

Navy Belt: $1.00 another thrift store find.

Red Lace Dress: $3.00 on a whim. (Again thrift, but I added the accent fabric.)

Navy Heels: $4.00 (Guess where!)

TOTAL: $10.00


Thanks for reading, and for all the support you give me!