Fantastic Frogs

Frogs. To little boys they are the height of entertainment. But on the level of things that are stages for art, they weren’t very high on my list. Untill now!

This picture does not give them full credit, but it was the only picture I had of them in their frame. So here they are in better clarity, but without their frame.

This is a major victory for me to have this done, since I have been procrastinating it for years. But I am glad they are done because they are too cute!

Thanks for reading!

More Than I Ever Expected!

Do any of you remember the post I did a while ago! The one called The Horror Of… The Big Clean!? Well at the end of that post I mentioned that I thought I had about, say, twenty projects. I was not even close! I need to get to work!

  1. Dino quilt
  2. Red quilt
  3. Teddy bear
  4. Mancala
  5. Flannel quilt
  6. Lady bug wall-hanging
  7. Bright baby girl quilt
  8. Schulte place mats
  9. Crocheted bag
  10. Quilted key chain
  11. Ducky quilt
  12. Old fashioned fabric quilt
  13. Pink pin wheel top
  14. Winter quilt on point
  15. Winter strip quilt
  16. Antique flower quilt
  17. Patriotic place mats
  18. ballerina mice quilt
  19. Valentine quilt
  20. Christmas stockings
  21. Halloween quilt
  22. Story block quilt
  23. Blue, yellow, and brown quilt
  24. Christmas quilt
  25. bumblebee quilt leftovers
  26. Purple and green quilt
  27. Pink and green triangle quilt
  28. Brown bee quilt
  29. Big pink and white blocks
  30. Christmas ornaments
  31. Blue and yellow quilt
  32. Picture frame
  33. Old fabric quilt
  34. Pink and red kitty quilt
  35. Bow tie quilt
  36. Painted kitties
  37. Antique cats quilt
  38. Berry quilt
  39. Boy and girl strip quilt
  40. Spring snowballs quilt
  41. Pin cushions
  42. Bugs quilt
  43. Civil war quilt
  44. Humming bird crosstitch
  45. frogs crosstitch

Oops… maybe I should work on those.

Friday Night Sew In!

Hmm…a bag of felt pieces maybe? Both my mom and I agreed that the person who sent it would never send me felt pieces unless they had a definite purpose. This really was baffling! The person who had set me these bags had been (and still is!) a huge support. We knew she would never send something pointless. Oh, Ho! A piece of paper in one of the bags revealed the answer. Christmas ornaments! 

But I couldn’t start right away, I had too many projects half way done. As soon as I completed some of them I could work on those. I have recently finished a few things, which left these at the first of the line for the friday night sew in.

An owl, a penguin, and a robin! So cute! Thank you, Mary.

Keep sewing!

A Fishy Finish

Finally finished! I have been working on this for three years. I got it from a neighbor, worked on it for a while, and stopped. Then a while later I found it again, did a little work on it and put it away.

This continued on, until this year during The Horror of… The Big Clean. ( Scroll down to see the post. )  During the clean I found the fish scarf. Carefully folding it, I put it in my UFO/WIP list box.

The next day, I was sewing on a quilt when I realised I wanted to work on it, so promptly I stopped sewing and worked on it for a long time.

So now its done, the glorious finish for the fish scarf.

Thanks for reading!