Oh My Gosh, Did You Make That?

Saturday I went to the Halloween themed birthday party of my friend, Ivy.  We got to wear costumes, eat yummy treats and generally have a good time.

Ivy loves purple so I decided that the purple messenger bag would be a good present.

It went like this:

Ivy said, “Oh my gosh thank you!  This is awesome!”

Her mom asked, “Is that from a pattern?  Did you really make that?”

Partygoer said, “That is so cool!”

Yes, people asked if my mom made it and were really surprised when I said, “No.”  Ivy really likes it and  plans to stick her scriptures in it for church.

Miniature Messenger

I need to get back to posting regularly, but at least I’m posting now. Over the past week or so I’ve been really busy. Can life slow down? Please!!! Homework, ballet and an 18-mile hike do take up time. I did get some sewing done though and  the finished projects are  cute!

First in line is a miniature mini messenger that was custom-made for a customer’s granddaughter.

The next one I made was a normally sized messenger in my absolute favorite colors.

The third one is for the patriotic of heart: red, white, and blue make it perfect for the fourth of July or any day.

I am really excited for the upcoming sewing time. (If it happens):)

You can see all the bags available for purchase in the BAGS FOR SALE tab above.  Only $15 each, plus shipping, they are a great present, maybe even for you.

Thanks for reading!