Meet Sparkle Jane


I had fiddled around with quilting on and off since I was 6, but had never really been serious about it. My inspiration for starting Sparkle Jane Quilts came in the form of a large box of very small squares that Mary, a friend of my mom,  sent me from Michigan.

After all, there were no good jobs available for 10-year-old girls.  My mom suggested I come up with some thing that I could do to make some money. After some thought I remembered the box of squares. I dragged the box out from under my bed, and discovered that there was a half-finished quilt top in the box. I had started the quilt top some time before that, and just stopped.

Two years ago this was not at all unusual. I had quite a variety of unfinished quilting, cross stitch, crochet, and embroidery projects that were lying around, gathering dust. Something changed that afternoon. I had the top done by the very next day, and the quilt done within the week. From then on, my tendency of not finishing things improved steadily.

Oh, I still have a lot of projects going at once, but I have a focus and purpose.  And I am gradually expanding.  I have gone from only making doll quilts to adding baby and lap quilts.  I am constantly working away in my spare time on some little (or big) project for some thing or some one.

My business has grown too.  I am so grateful to everyone who has been supportive and encouraging. By the time I get there, I may be one of the only people to quilt their way into college.  Sparkle Jane Quilts is  expanding from only selling small quilts to also having larger quilts, pin cushions and other sew-ish things. You can see what is available in the QUILTS FOR SALE page above.

Fun stuff is going to be posted here at least weekly, so please keep visiting!  Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question, or you can e-mail me at:  iamsparklejane at gmail dot com.

3 thoughts on “Meet Sparkle Jane

  1. Hello Sparkle Jane…… I’m impressed in your great quilting abilities; especially at such a young age! You have a goal….quilting your way to college, and at this rate, I’m sure you’ll succeed. Looking forward to seeing more….


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