A Sparkling Fashion Show

I’m 15. I’m a girl in High School. Hitting the perfect moment with clothes is a big deal, no way of getting around that. Fashion is a big deal, but sometimes I don’t really…Like current fashions…There’s nothing wrong with fashion. But sometimes it just doesn’t suit me.

When such a thing happens, I pave my own roads. I love classy, cutesy clothes that are tight enough to show I’m a woman and loose enough to show I’m a lady, as the saying goes. This page is dedicated to my wardrobe. I’m sure some of the outfits to appear here will run with current fashions, but that’s because some fashions are darling. Many of them will have a Sparkling twist though.

Dress Like 1964


The Peacock


2 thoughts on “A Sparkling Fashion Show

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  2. I like this idea! Your blog is really taking on a personality – yours! Thanks for linking my blog on your sidebar.

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