Seeing Double Stars

I’ve been sewing quite a bit this week due top a much lighter homework load, and I’ve gotta say, it’s nice. It’s a little odd to be able to sneak away to the basement to sew without feeling guilty about my homework humming upstairs. Yay for completion!

Anyway, as always, my main focus in my crafting this past week was the Texas Stars quilt. Only ten months to go, give or take a little. (P.s. If you know of any good 8 or 6 inch stars, I could use them) I have completed 12 of the big blocks by my last count, 7 to go. Summer needs to come  a bit faster so I can devote more time to this quilt, or it is not going to be finished, arg!

I have also managed to work on one of my big counted cross-stitch pieces this week in-between all of my play practice sessions. I am taking a small break on the donation bears since I have just about bear-ed myself out. I will try and remember to take a picture of the cross-stitch so you can all see it. For now, I do have pictures of my new block.


Happy Spring Break, and happy quilting!

Sparkle Jane

3 thoughts on “Seeing Double Stars

  1. This star is so very unique and pretty, what nice work you are doing! I don’t believe that I have seen this one before, does it have a name?

  2. Oh, you did it beautifully! It’s one I’ve not made, much as I like it, but it’s gorgeous! Do you have your setting for the stars already decided? I do have a couple of ideas for you. I’ll e-mail them.

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