Sunflower Happiness

Have you ever had a piece of fabric that simply did not want to match ANYTHING? It happens to me rather too often (unfortunately that is entirely my fault however). I love quirky, unusual, and oddly color prints, which normally causes me to need to dig through fabric for far too long in search of the perfect thing. Some days I love the hunt, some days it drives me crazy. Friday was definitely a this-is-driving-me-crazy day when it came to color selection. It should not have been difficult, the colors are not that unusual, but I had to ponder over it for ages. Ugh.

That being said, I enjoyed this block, and once it was all together I loved the colors.


A long struggle later, it looks fairly nice I think. I need to stop making brown based blocks though. The base fabric for the quilt is bright, and while it has brown, that is not its predominant color. I need to get out of the dark color groove.

Much love,

Sparkle Jane

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