My Straight Pins Betrayed Me…

My whole life as a quilter I have always trusted straight pins to keep my seams together and lined up. I think that’s a basic point of trust for most people who sew, but more on that later.

I’ve continued work on bears during my free time at play practice, (yay for hand sewing) and I’m making great progress. Currently we only have one that’s actually stuffed; all the others (about 20 by now I think) I’ve just done all the hand sewing on and not stuffed yet because previously I had no way to store them. I now have  abunch of paper boxes so we should have more stuffed soon.


Back to the straight pin treachery. Generally, I pin all my corners and edges because, you know, I like things to line up (said with much frustration).  But when I was working on block number 6, something when terribly wrong, and my first couple seams turned out totally…wrong. Just no. So therefore, I did the next two seams WITHOUT the straight pins, and they were great. WHAT IS THIS WORLD?


So that is my mournful story. I’m sure you can see what I mean.

Happy stitching (without straight pins),

Sparkle Jane

One thought on “My Straight Pins Betrayed Me…

  1. I feel your pain. That’s why the only thing for which I use straight pins is long borders, just to keep one from slipping along too far. I use the pull-two-opposing-seams-against-each-other method, and it works every time, if the pieces are the same size, or really close. Your block still dosn’t look bad, though, so no worries!

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