His New Adventure

Some of you may remember a while ago when I asked you to send me quotes to help my struggling friend. He loved his box of letters, and they worked wonders in his life. He cried when he got it, and cried many days afterwards whenever he pulled out a quote or story that perfectly applied to his current struggle for that day.

Well, that friend is currently attending BYU, and will finish out this summer semester and probably the first term of fall before he starts his new adventure.

He’s going on a LDS mission. He opened his call (mission assignment) this past Saturday, and has been called to serve in the Aquas Calientes Mexico mission.  He leaves the end of October to the missionary training center in Mexico City, and will enter the mission field shortly after.

I would ask another favor of you older and wiser souls now. Though he is extremely excited to go on his mission, it will not be easy. He’s going to face many trials, and he’ll be away from home and loved ones for two years. If you would write small notes of encouragement and inspiration, I will be sending him these notes to be opened and read in case of a bleh kind of day. I’m sure they will help just as much as the previous ones.

Many thanks,



One thought on “His New Adventure

  1. Oh, that’s fabulous news! I’m so glad we were able to do something helpful, at your instigation, and I’ll definitely think about this and send something. Thanks for a chance to help make a difference.

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