Sweet 16 and Tears

Well, here I am again. Glory, it has been a while. Anyway, I’m now 16 (as of May), and still quilting away! I’ve mostly been working on my big batik mystery project, and that is coming along oh-so-nicely for me. Honestly, the quilt is a little eclectic and random, but so is the maker so I think it’s alright.

I ought to be around a little more frequently now, haha. I know I say that all the time, but for real now, because I have an excellent reason. At the high school I attend, seniors have a mandatory number of service hours (30 or 40 I think) that must be completed to graduate. Now I suppose you’re saying “But Sparkle isn’t a senior next year, she’s a junior”. That is quite accurate. However, along with the valedictorian of a senior class, my school also has two salutatorians, one for leadership and one for service.

I want to be the service salutatorian for my senior class. There, I’ve gone and said it, it’s an official goal. Of course, I’m sure that this goal doesn’t really tell why I’ll be posting more, but I’m getting to that. All the service done (and you can be assisted by groups you organize) must be fully documented to count in any way. What better way to do this than a blog? I won’t be using this blog of course; I’m making another one just for that purpose, but whenever I’m online posting on my service blog I will also do my best to post on here.

Now, I need to give a huge thank you to my mom and dad, and all the people who donated fabric, love, and time to my big quilt project for 2015. I love and appreciate you all, so much. However, my family deserves an extra big thank you, because they’ve really started my salutatorian project for me.



Now, I know this isn’t the best picture, but they went to Shutterfly and made me a book.

20160531_212413 (1)

Like a real, hard cover, color printed, honest-to-goodness book. It’s absolutely beautiful. The morning of my birthday I went traipsing into the kitchen to find this at my place on the table. Needless to say, I was soon in tears.


I cannot say thank you enough to those who helped me get here.

Thank you!!!


P.S. I’ll post more about my service blog later. Happy quilting!



One thought on “Sweet 16 and Tears

  1. Fabulous birthday present! Something you will keep all your life, and hand down to your children, too. Like a Book of Remembrance. Are those done any more? I really don’t know if the church does it. I know a lot of mine is in blogs now – genealogy and personal journal, both. I love your goal for service Salutatorian. That’s a wonderful goal, Miss Sweet 16. I look forward to both more posts here and a new service blog to read. You go Sparkle like a diamond!

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