Done In Time

Fifty five. Fifty five was our ending number. It’s absolutely incredible. Somehow, my mom and I managed to make fifty five baby quilts.


Actually, it’s technically fifty seven, there were two afghans that weren’t counted in the official count. So, not only did we make our count, but we beat it by five. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the moral support, fabric, and quilt tops sent to us. They were a tremendous help, and we couldn’t have done it without you.


There was really no way to take pictures of all of the quilts at once, even though there’s only 49 still here at the house. The others have already been gifted out. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s amazing to see them all laid out together at last. I’m so glad my mom and I have done this, and I’m so grateful to Primary Children’s for fixing my heart.


Thank you all again, and may we all remember to be truly grateful for what we’re given.



4 thoughts on “Done In Time

  1. Congratulations, you exceeded your goal and warmed fifty seven little ones with your time, gifts, and talents. Several years ago I was on a venture to do the same, to make fifty baby quilts in a year. It took me a couple months longer but I got them done, and donated them to JPS Hospital in Ft Worth. I have often wondered ” wouldn’t it be fun to see all the babies wrapped in their quilts.” Maybe in heaven. May God Bless you and your mother.
    P.S. Years ago I purchased one of your small quilts. At that time you said “you were the only girl quilting her way to college.”

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