The Laugh of the Day

Today’s post will be brief, but it was simply too funny too just pass up.

As my mom and I were strolling through the grocery store, we went to turn a corner around the end of an isle, and suddenly my mom springs backward in surprise.

I was confused for a second, as was she, because it took both of us to figure out what exactly had startled her. But, when we figured out what it was, we both completely cracked up.

She had been scared by HERSELF. Good gracious we both almost CRIED when we realized what happened. There was a mirror on the end of the isle, so my mom was startled by herself. I’m sure people though we were crazy, we were laughing that much.

With many giggles



3 thoughts on “The Laugh of the Day

  1. Yikes.
    Who is that very serious looking vaguely familiar person coming at me with their shopping cart.
    OH – it’s me,

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