A Normal Day

A normal day in the life of me: School. School always. And dance. And a deep wish to quilt that is not always realized. However, today was pretty good as far as days go.

Wake up, eat a good breakfast. Troop off to school, and have a nice easy-going day, other than pushing to the max while running the mile (which always feels good, because exercise is great). Get out of school and help dad with some things, then get home and fiddle around with quilting for a while (YAY!!!). Head to my youth group, and play a riotous game of “Blind Volleyball”, which is an absolutely hysterical game. Come home to a happy house full of all my favorite people.

It makes me really think about life when I have a day that isn’t exactly out-of-this-world-impossibly-perfect, but just good. Good all over. Really, I feel like that’s how the world really works. In life, we have some impossibly good days, some really hard days, but they don’t define us. What makes us ourselves is our “simply good” days. The days that are great in ways we can’t explain to anyone else.

Deep thoughts!


One thought on “A Normal Day

  1. Very deep thoughts, and you are so right. Our lives are not made up of extremes, but of the every day things we do. The smiles, the work, the hugs … those are what delineate our lives.

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