The Progress Made

Well, it’s been two months since I last posted. Yikes! Bad girl Sparkle, bad bad girl. I apologize for that, and thank you all for being so very patient with my general boringness over the past few months. Though I haven’t posted, I have still worked on my quilting.


In fact, I’ve worked a lot. These are only six of the quilts I’ve finished in the past 2 months of silence.


Though we aren’t quite done with all of the 52 yet, I’m sure that we’ll have them done by the end of the year. This project has really opened my eyes to how much fabric we have in this house, it seems like no matter how much fabric we use there still isn’t even a dent.


Anyway, I’m going to try and be around more, so expect more of Sparkle soon!




3 thoughts on “The Progress Made

  1. Welcome back!! Amazing how much you can get finished when you aren’t on the computer all the time!!! I swear, my fabric breeds on the shelves and in the bins!!

  2. These quilts are adorable, Jane.
    Being a teenager is busy, and you have good focus. Enjoy the very few weeks left of this year. This is the time to celebrate.
    I will not say one thing about fabric accumulation. I know I am directly responsible hahahaha
    I hope you have a wonderful December, and a lovely Christmas celebration with your friends and family

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