Presents of a Stranger Nature

Well, we all have hard times, but it’s hard to watch someone you care about go through them. One of my best friends is in a hard spot right now, and me and a couple other people have banded together to do something a little less than conventional for him (In a good way).


Right now I have about 200-250 small envelopes (No bigger than 4×6 inches) that each contain a note card with a quote/thought on them. They’re each labeled with Open if/when/because…And the a scenario i.e. Life’s not going the way you want it to, you’re angry, you want inspiration; just any scenario that applies to the quote inside.

The idea is that these can be distraction, help, and laughter for him while it’s tough. However, I’d love to have an absolute boatload to send to him, and I need some help. The box is going to be shipped from my house about the 23 of October, and I know that this is really short notice, but could you all help me out?

What I’m looking for is REALLY good quotes. Please, take a minutes, comment with a few of your favorites. Stop your husband as he’s walking by and interrogate him, I don’t really care how, but I need quotes!



P.S. If you would spread the word, that would be cool too!


7 thoughts on “Presents of a Stranger Nature

  1. Robert Brault has some good ones. Just google him.
    Most of his are funny.
    My mom had a stroke 2 years ago and she gets depressed a lot. She is 92.
    She can walk and talk and eat. She says her life has changed (yes both parents used to be very peppy)
    But she has dad with her, and I remind her she is not in a wheel chair. So I guess sometimes it is good to think about all the things you have, and then think about all the the things you could have had that you never wanted, so you can be happy that you do not have those things. Like, a big disease, or only one leg, or blind, or in jail (lol) or many other things. I an thankful for the things I never got that I never wanted 😛

  2. I am sending three cards tomorrow when I get to the post office. =) They aren’t scriptural, except Philippians is on the front of one card, but I think they will do nicely.

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