Shakespeare Snippets

The Cedar City Utah Shakespeare festival is renown all over the united states, and is just about worshiped by all high school Shakespeare nerds here in Utah. Well really, just teenager drama and acting nerds in general.

The festival itself goes on for several months, and is frequented and performed at by groups from all over the U.S. One weekend is different however. One weekend a year, the teens take over. For one weekend, teen drama enthusiasts come together to joke, stress, and compete in Shakespearian stuff together. This year, I joined the throng.

It was lovely. Three days of acting, improv, lighting, stage setup and dancing classes can wear a girl out though. We got lost, we made the instructors shout with laughter, and we discovered new and wonderful treats (apple cider with whipped cream). We laughed, cried, and moaned; overwhelmed with emotion from various plays and productions. We made new friendships, got out of the comfort zone, and learned a lot.

So over all, a great experience. I’m definitely going back next year. How many of my bloggers out there were drama people at some point, or still are?



2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Snippets

  1. Yes, I took a drama class, and I also did a little bit of community theater when I was first married. Your experience sounds like it was fabulous, and something to remember forever. I hope you took plenty of pictures of all that fun! Here’s wishing you a chance to go again next year.

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