Well, I’m still not old enough to go to homecoming with a date (16 is the mandatory age in my family) but my friends convinced me to go anyway, and I’m glad they did.


I had a ridiculous amount of fun last night, I will totally admit. Our homecoming was held outside, so it was a smudge chilly, but otherwise the whole night was about as close to perfect as one person could possibly ask for.


I’m in red, and the girl with me is one of my best friends (she’s the one that got me to come). I danced and I sang, and I totally loved the entire thing. It’s a blessing to be 15 and free for a night. It was surprisingly fun to not have a date…I could dance with anyone I felt like.

-Sparkle Jane

P.S. Sorry for the funny faces in the pictures, my mom cause me laughing in every one!


3 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. 16 is early enough to date – maybe still too early. LOL Your dress is beautiful! I love that your mom made you laugh. You’ll have a happy-face memory forever.

  2. Well, you and your best friend are beautiful.
    My oldest daughter only went to home coming when she was over 16, she went with nice boys.
    Lizzie my younger girl went to home coming dances always with her best girl friends. She was like me when I was in high school, not into that whole commitment thing.
    I am so happy you had a good time

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