Lulu, The Head Toe-Licker

Well, we have now had the dog for 3 weeks, and we are completely delighted with her. She’s a little energy bundle, always ready to run, until she looses all power on the pooch and then naps for 3 hours. While snoring, whining, and woofing quietly and adorably in her sleep.

Every time someone is gone from her presence for more than 10 minutes, when they return, she has a standard greeting ritual. Hop and dance around for a few moments, the lick every inch of your hands, knees (if she can reach them), and toes (if they’re uncovered) that she can possibly reach. It’s rather wet, but in a joyful way.


She loves all chew bones, sticks, and people. We’re working on her enjoying other dogs. She likes running with them fine, but as soon as play fighting starts, she’s out of there. We used to think that she didn’t like water, until she went bouncing into the big mud puddle at the dog park. So she just doesn’t like bathes. But loves mud. Great.

But truly, all in all, we’re loving the new pooch.




6 thoughts on “Lulu, The Head Toe-Licker

  1. I love animabibbles. They are so sweet and silly.
    Lulu is very happy to be in your family.
    She is just thrilled to have your love.
    I have two cornish Rex kitty boys. They are not brothers, but they are pals together.
    Miles is red mackerel tabby, rather large boned. Pierro is white with grey/”blue” splotches.
    He is a lightweight and very sweet.
    Our pets are our babies. They learn to trust us and then they let us cuddle with them and stick our faces in their bellies and kiss their silly heads

  2. That’s a title you don’t see often. 😉 It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with her, and she is quite a beautiful animal.

  3. What a lovely little sweetheart you have!! They are great toe-lickers, aren’t they? My little Chihuahua will pull my husband’s socks off to lick his toes and feet!!

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