The title is a quick pronunciation lesson for the word Elefantes. Derived from the word “Elephants” it is used by a 15-year-old Sparkle Jane and her mother to describe small and adorable fabric elephants.


There also happen to be a few giraffes in with the “Elefantes” but we don’t have any clever or amusing words for them, hence the choice of “Elefantes”.


We didn’t get any very good pictures of the Elephant Print, but you can see them at a distance in the full quilt picture. Perhaps if you zoom in you can see the better?


Really, whether you’ve zoomed yourself in or not, I think that this is adorable. It’s made with 3 1/2 inch squares and coordinating strips of various widths. The back has a little yellow in it, which is why I added yellow to the top even though there was no yellow on the elephant print.

Happy sewing!



2 thoughts on “Elli-Fawn-Tays!

  1. I approve completely! It’s a wonderful, cheerful and baby-perfect quilt. congratulations on another finish. You two are churning out your 52 pretty fast, and beautifully.

  2. Hi, I have been so amazed at what you have been doing with your blocks, your quilts are so creative and fun to see. I also love what you did with a few ballerina blocks, I truly couldn’t come up with a vision for them. I was so shocked at what you did with them, and all of the colors that you brought together, and so pretty. I learn from you and your mom constantly!
    -And yes; THANK YOU for putting the block size in!

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