Both my mom and I are somewhat at a loss about a name for this quilt…It is small…It has 9 patches…It involves little bears, raccoons, rabbits, etc…But I am having a total lack of inspiration about what to call it.


The big print blocks were given to us at some point by someone…I have a big bin of potential quilt kits that I keep in my room and the blocks were on top so they were dragged out, and put to use. I like the quilt, it’s just not getting the “creative names” part of my mind going. Help? Suggestions?


Either way I had a lot of fun making it. So all’s well right?


8 thoughts on “Bears…

  1. Very cute, Bears & Blocks maybe, although I freely admit that,that isn,t to original, Nevertheless, it is a nice, fun, colorful finish! And love that backing.

  2. Would you consider posting the size of your blocks, and the finished size of you quilt when you post them? Your quilts are so creative; it would give us good ideas to go by; that being said I realize that you have a incredibly busy life! Thanks.

  3. Bears works. Or Sweet William’s Garden. Or Posey Patch maybe? I really like it, no matter what you call it. A rose by any other name is a quilt. LOL

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