Is This Even Healthy????

So, one glance at me tells you that I am no health freak. And that I really like chocolate. But in this case, I am not speaking about physical or bodily health. I am speaking of general sanity.

When my mother and I started the 52-in-2015 project, I decided I needed a system if I was going to effectively complete the quilts. I debated on what system to adopt for a while, but I’m not sure if the one I’ve decided on is genius or the end of me. Here it is:

Make 4 quilt tops

Baste those 4 quilts into quilts

Quilt all four

Attach bindings and complete.

I’m currently on my second round of this system, and here is my pile:


Please, don’t ask me why I decided on the number four, because I really do not know. It just seemed like a nice, comfortable number. The thing that I’m questioning now is this: Is this really good for mental sanity? Should I continue? Would I even be able to stop if it isn’t good for my health?

These are all questions to ponder!



3 thoughts on “Is This Even Healthy????

  1. I would be doing the same thing…. or I should say, I do.
    So, from my standpoint, you are doing fine.
    No worry if you are on a roll. If the plan needs adjusting, you can do that if and when.
    I like your piles very much. Well done

    • See, my feeling is, if you are working on 4 things at the same time, it is not a zillion things.
      You get them all completed at the same time. 4 is a nice number

  2. The thing about that kind of system is that you can change it any time. =) Would you accomplish more or less if you did it all one quilt at a time? Could you work on piecing one while you’re quilting another and binding a third? Is there another system you can think of that works better? Where are you in reaching your 52 goal? Can you switch off with each other, one piecing this time and quilting the next one? If you do a variety of patterns, does it go faster or slower?

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