I Got a Little Turned Around…

This quilt’s name is turnaround.


I could have SWORN that I wrote a post for this charming little quilt. But apparently, I misplaced it or it vanished into the cyber-maze somewhere, because when I searched, I could find not a trace of evidence that I have ever even started a post. To say the least, I am a little confused and bemused. Am I dream-writing blog posts in my mind now? Am I just crazy? I don’t know…


So here it is now. In one of scrap bags my mom and I was given I found a whole bunch of cherry red, chocolate brown. and turquoise scraps that were all nearly the same size. What now?

As my mother is my constant quilt councilor (Should that be her official term now instead of mom? “Constant Quilt Councilor”…That has a nice ring to it!) anyways, she directed me to “Another Bite of Schnibbles” by Carrie Nelson. Her pattern “Roundabout” perfectly suited my scraps. I love it!



4 thoughts on “I Got a Little Turned Around…

  1. Very nice! I like the pattern and the colors. What did you end up for block size; and then what size did your quilt turn out at?

  2. Super looking quilt! I love the colors, and it’s a great design. Is this one of your 52 baby quilts? Or are you wrapping up in this one yourself?

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