The Daily Thought #80-83

#80. Slow dance.

Ooooh my yes. Dancing is love, dancing is life. Always do this. Please.

#81. Avoid sarcastic remarks.

Well this is one that I can say that I’m not so great at. I’m working on it.

#82. Steer clear of restaurants with strolling musicians.

I wouldn’t know much on this one. I can’t drive, thusly not much restaurant touring.

#83. In business and in family relationships, remember that the most important thing is trust. 

As a slightly suspicious person, I can testify to the truth of this. It takes a lot to earn my trust, and very little to break it. Maybe I shouldn’t call myself suspicious, just sensible.

One thought on “The Daily Thought #80-83

  1. I’m going to refute #82, at least where Mariachis are concerned! I love the strolling Mexican musicians that some restaurants have. =) I completely agree that there’s nothing nicer than a slow dance with someone you love, or like a lot. Sarcasm … hard habit to control. Not saying how I know that. =) And trust, oh my. I hate not trusting people, but it’s so hard to rebuild broken trust, no matter how much you love someone. Good ones to think about.

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