The Daily Thought #69-72

#69. Whistle.

I think this one is right up there with singing in the shower. I can’t whistle worth a darn (My brother got those genetics sadly), but to be honest I do it anyway. Just because it makes me smile and that’s good for your soul.

#70. Hug children after you discipline them.

In my own life, the love people have shown me has done more to change me than any harsh words or reprimand. Coming from a child, trust me here. The love does more for your cause.

#71. Learn to make something beautiful with your hands.

I don’t know why exactly, but I think that this is really true.  My ability to make things  with my hands is my main way of escaping when things get hard. The sheer ability to DO something is really comforting.

#72. Give to charity all the clothes you haven’t worn in the past three years. 

I take this a step further. I clean out my closet every year, and if I haven’t worn it in the past 6 months, it goes.


One thought on “The Daily Thought #69-72

  1. More good advice – especially about the closet. When we lived in a 5th wheel full time, I pared my clothes way down, and have never gotten a packed closet again. We can really only wear one thing at a time, so why do we have 20 shirts? I can’t whistle at all. Not even tunelessly. =)

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