The Daily Thought #48-51

#48. Keep a tight reign on your temper. 

This one I’m a little so-so at. I can normally hold my emotions down pretty well, but I tend to kind of explode all at once if I hold it in too long. I’m not sure that’s better or worse than letting it out when it first hits me. I’ve determined that it’s probably better to just cry it out when it gets too overwhelming. It keeps me from hurting other people.

#49. Buy vegetables from truck farmers who advertise with hand-lettered signs. 

Yes, grocery stores have their perks. You can pretty much guarantee certain things will be there, and that’s nice when you’re looking for one certain item. But if you want fresh and tasty, buy from the truck. More likely than not that was all picked about 4:00 o’clock that very morning and it was fully ripe when that happened.

#50. Put the cap back on the toothpaste. 

There is nothing more irritating than waking up with funky breath (hey, we’ve all had that morning), going to the bathroom, putting toothpaste on the brush, and quickly discovering that your toothpaste is hard and crusty. Ewwwww!!!!!!

#51. Take out the garbage without being told. 

Awesome points to you!!!!


One thought on “The Daily Thought #48-51

  1. That first one was a battle for me in my younger years, and still is sometimes. I found that counting to ten really does help, especially if I’m thinking a calm thought or letting a hymn run through my mind. It saves a lot of hurt feelings if I remember that anything I say is going to last forever, so I try not to say anything when I’m super mad. It helps to just say how I feel and not begin with “You ….” I messages, it’s called. I love your last point, too! It’s a little thing that brings much happiness to the mom, I know that!

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