The Daily Thought #43

In the book that I’ve been getting all of these little thoughts out of, every couple of pages there is one page that is completely dominated by only one quote. They’re all pretty deep so they get their own special spotlight time.

#43. Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen every day. 

This year in my English class, our teacher asked each of us to write something that defined us. A quote, a statement, anything. Mine was this: “Everyone has good in them. Sometimes they just forget.” I try really hard to live by this. Leopards may not change their spots, but we do not live in a world of leopards. We are human beings and we change every day, all the time.

Yes, we all mess up. I do it wrong, so do you. But we have to believe in one another’s ability to change, and our own. We all have the capacity for so much good if we only look for it.



2 thoughts on “The Daily Thought #43

  1. Hi! Did u happen to track the quilts? I am out of town until Friday night and want to make sure my dog sitter watches for it. Is it USPS a carrier? Thanks, Sarah

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  2. Wow, so true! I like your statement. The one thing I have learned is that people can change IF they want to. The other thing is that even if I can see that person with the change, they have to see it in order to change. I love these messages you post.

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