The Daily Thought #38-42

#38. Keep secrets.

Trust is one of the most expensive and fragile of human emotional commodities. It can take years to earn, and only moments to lose, potentially for forever. Giving secrets away forever damages trust, and can potentially ruin your good reputation.

#39. Take lots of snapshots. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s worth it to hold on to memory.

#40. Never refuse homemade brownies.

Just eat one! Orrrrrr….Maybe two?

#41. Don’t postpone joy. 

There is too much sorrow in this word. Spread sunshine, and let it wash over you.

#42. Write “Thank you” notes promptly. 

Everyone wants to hear that something they’ve done was appreciated.


One thought on “The Daily Thought #38-42

  1. Boy is that ever true about trust! It’s so hard to build it back and some piece just always expects another broken moment. Postponing joy means you may never have it, so that is especially good advice, too. All these are good ones today. I hope you found some joy in the adversity of your driver’s test!

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