The Daily Thought #25-29

#25. Ask for a raise when you feel you’ve earned it. 

If your boss agrees with you, you’ll get what you want. If he/she doesn’t agree, you’ll get some great advice on how to improve your personal best.

#26. If in a fight, hit first and hit hard.

Might as well make the first one count, because hopefully that’ll keep you from taking any yourself. If you’re lucky.

#27. Return all things you borrow. 

Common courtesy people. Don’t just filch people’s things, even if they originally let you borrow it. If you don’t give it back your borrowing becomes stealing.

#28. Teach some kind of class. 

You have wisdom! Share it! I teach a dance class just for this purpose. And I like getting paid, but that’s beside the point.

#29. Be a student in some kind of class.

Though you know some things, thou do not know all. Take a page out and sit down and listen. It’s always good to keep your mind open for new and interesting things.


One thought on “The Daily Thought #25-29

  1. And the good part of #29 is that not only do you learn something, but there is research that shows that keeping your mind active staves off Alzheimer’s and other debilitating brain atrophy. Isaac Azimov used to say that violence was the last resort of the incompetent. I have a corollary to that. In a world full of bullies, you can’t negotiate.

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