Chlorine and Hair Care

Along with quilting, dancing, and all the other occupations that a 15-year-old chases and pursues, I ADORE swimming. Zipping easily through water is glorious. I spend every possible summer afternoon at the pool for around four hours. After swimming in the very chlorine-ridden water for such a long period of time and with such frequency, my hair would most certainly turn green if it was not for one thing.

The lady who cuts my hair (Bless her soul) recommended a hair-stripping shampoo to me. It is wonderful stuff to remove chlorine, but it also strips all natural hair oils from your scalp. Which is not so great for your hair’s health.

I was born with straight, white hair. Sadly, the older I got, the darker and curlier it got. It is now about a medium-blonde wavy sheet that runs down my back doing it’s own shiny thing (One of the ladies in my ward refers to it as “Goldylocks hair”). It rarely does what I want it to. Regardless of that, I won the lottery on hair and I’d like it to stay nice. So, I went searching for a solution to the damage my hair was incurring.

The answer: EGGS!

Trust me, I was rather dubious as well. But two eggs and a little olive oil rubbed into your hair like conditioner and let sit for an hour makes it shiny, soft, and strong, restoring many of the natural nutrient that the conditioner takes out.

Thankfully you don’t have to do it that frequently. I don’t exactly savor running around as Captain Towel Cape.


P.S. Do you have any home-hair remedies? I’d love to hear things that you do.


4 thoughts on “Chlorine and Hair Care

  1. Oh, that sounds perfect!! After decades of coloring my hair, blowing it dry and frying it with a flat iron, it needs some TLC! I’m going to give this a try. All three of my daughters have really long hair – waist or longer – and I’ll tell them about this as well! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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