The Daily Thought #11-15

#11. Sing in the shower.

This is scientifically proven to be good for depression. And hey, The echo sounds cool.

#12. Use the good silver.

Have an adult tea party and be fancy. It’s fun.

#13. Learn to make great chili.

This is one I have not yet perfected…My dad has though, and that is a gift to all mankind.

#14. Plant flowers every spring. 

I think the reason I love flowers is that they never give up. Its good for the soul to have some around and know that you personally put them there.

#15. Own a great stereo system. 

Music is the language of the soul.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Thought #11-15

  1. Get your dad’s recipe – don’t wait – get it now! =) One reason I love the desert so much is that things there have to struggle to survive, but you give it just a little water, and it really does blossom like crazy. It’s sort of like planting flowers. Takes a lot of faith to survive!

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