The Daily Thought #6-10

#6. Have a firm handshake. 

First impressions are vital, I don’t care what people say. When shaking someones hand, shake firmly, look them in the eyes, and smile. Confidence rules.

#7. Look people in the eye. 

Regardless of the situation, looking someone in the says something. Weather it showing that you aren’t backing down for anything, or showing that you care enough to actually look at them, it’s important.

#8. Say thank you a lot. 

If you thank someone for doing something, they’re more likely to do it again because everyone likes to have effort acknowledged. So write the thank you note, give them a call, surprise them with a big hug and words of thanks. It means a lot.

#9. Say please a lot. 

Always say please. Even if it’s something silly. No one is your required servant and even if they were they would deserve your courtesy. Use the P word.

#10. Learn to play a musical instrument. 

Music is good for your soul, and even better when you’re creating it. Totally worth the time involved.

Happy pondering,



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