Well…I Don’t Know…

My Dear Readers, Quilters, Friends, etc…

My comments are being a little odd. Instead of letting me reply to comments in such a way that they show up on the blog and send a notification to the person I’m replying to, the responses are only showing up on the blog and I cannot for the life of me get the other message to go through.

If you know how to fix the problem, I would love some instruction. If you have inquired about purchasing a quilt and are wondering why I haven’t gotten back to you…I’m sorry. I’m just working out the kinks. I’ll get to you as soon as I can.




One thought on “Well…I Don’t Know…

  1. If you don’t find a setting to click under Settings: Discussion, it might possibly be your theme. I have found that not all themes have the same features. You could ask Wendy at Sugarlane-Designs. She has it working on her blog. Tell her Susan said to ask. =) To be honest, it isn’t my favorite thing, anyway. There is no need for you to reply to my comments every time; you have a life, so go live it instead. =)

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