The Daily Thought #1-5

These daily thoughts are meant to bring a little perspective to your day, and to let you see what goes on in a 15-year-old’s head. They’ll all be combined in The Daily Thought tab.

 #1. Compliment three people every day. 

I love this first one. Have you ever been having a terrible day and then someone said something nice? It’s the best feeling in my opinion. I’ve had this one written on my wrist for a couple of days now to remind me to do it, and I feel better too. If you feel down in the proverbial dumps, complimenting people is one of the best ways to get out. You bring yourself out of yourself.

#2. Have a dog.

Dogs are the best door greeters. No matter how long your day, or how many people have been angry at you, your dog always needs you.

#3. Watch a sunrise at least once a year.

A good morning is a good day, a good day is a good week, and a good week a good year. That turns into a good lifetime. Get the idea?

#4. Remember other people’s birthdays.

It’s a super simple way of telling people that you care, And it doesn’t take much oxygen to sing happy birthday.

#5. Over tip breakfast waitresses. 

No one really wants to work mornings. She’s working hard so YOU can eat your pancakes. It’s the least you can do.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Thought #1-5

  1. I like these. I’ll never have a dog, but I do overtip all the time anyway, if service is good. I’m so grateful it’s never been a job I had to do! I like that you have one written on your wrist to remember. That is probably the best of the bunch. It costs nothing! I also try to remember not to complain. No one really cares, because everyone has his own burdens to bear, and complaining only makes both of you feel worse. =) I’m glad to know a teen who has thoughts like this in her head.

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