Dress Like 1964

My mom recently received some miscellaneous fabric recently (No surprise) and out of it we chose several pieces that we especially liked. Out of that, I especially loved some old vintagey butterfly fabric that was just calling to me. Does fabric ever sing to you? Well, those darn butterflies were humming away so we decided to do something with them. It didn’t matter what really, as long as the fabric stopped it’s insistent singing of it’s many possibilities.

Because we occasionally overlook such things, my mom and I didn’t really…Unfold the fabric…Minor issues there. But after much discussion, we decided that our butterflies wanted to be a skirt. With that resolved, I went back to my project, and my mom started inspecting the fabric.

Just a few moments later she was excitedly holding something that was soon going to be amazing. The pieces of a dress, pattern pieces still pinned in place.

First off, what do you do? Cut up the dress pieces? HEAVENS NO! You don’t just do that. You investigate! Explore! Come to me Google!

Pattern numbers are so very lovely. In just a few minutes, we had all the information we needed. The dress was approximately the right size for yours truly, just a smidge large. So what now? Do we retreat? No!


We add pleats, and all of the sudden I have a perfect dress for hot weather. It’s light, loose, and extremely comfortable. Add my favorite black heels and a skinny black belt to accent my waist (Because why not?) and I have a great Sunday outfit.


And why not have a cute summer dress?


P.S. This post will be displayed along with other outfits in my A Sparkling Fashion Show tab. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Dress Like 1964

  1. That looks so great on you. I can imagine you in the bunch of girls here in my ward. You would fit right in with girls named Caris and Emily. =) It’s a lovely dress, 1964 or not. It’s timeless.

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