Big Changes Coming-And A Sale!

Hey my bloggers!

Sometime soon, either this week or the next, big changes are coming to Sparkle Jane (Don’t worry, it’s not going away). I am no longer going to be making small quilts, other than by specific request. The pin cushions are going to be treated the same way.

All of the remaining small quilts are officially on clearance for $10.00, and you still get the pin cushion. I’m ready to move on from this, so please help me clean it all out. I’m begging! 🙂

I’m also planning on having custom orders much more strongly emphasized, because why quilt if not to make people happy?

Once I have everything changed around, I’m really hoping that you would be willing to give me updates and suggestions that you think should happen to make this blog better (Other than actually taking the time to post :D). You guys are my biggest support and make me so much better; I love to hear from you because you give the greatest suggestions.

One more thing: Thank you to all of the wonderful people that have been making my quilting, and my life, so much better. I have the most amazing friends and family and I really appreciate the time and effort that you’ve all put in to make me a better quilter and person.



4 thoughts on “Big Changes Coming-And A Sale!

  1. Oh, your header pictures change! I liked the two I saw, the golden field with barn and the green leaves. A good clean look on the blog. I’m excited that you are ready to branch out. Did you finish the water quilt? I love that one!

  2. Looking forward to your big changes ! Thanks for the update. Can you tell me which quilts are on sale now ? What have you got left ? Thank you.

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