Working Away….

New baby quilt!!! I’m absolutely in love with my little pin wheels! I normally dislike a binding being the same fabric as the back, but somehow it works…



So there’s another little quilt done! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Working Away….

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PIN WHEELS!! Going to be my next few quilts! Yours is gorgeous! Love the colors, awesome job! ❤

  2. Very nice! I blew it up so that I could see the colors/materials better, they really are pretty. What size did you make your pinwheels?
    And…… do you do anything about the bump in the middle where the 8 pinwheel pieces come together? I am only asking because that is my only draw back on pinwheels. Once I did nothing with them, which is harder to quilt over, another time I picked out the center and swirled them..but that is a lot of unpicking, and another time (shameful to say) I pounded them flat with a board, a towel and a hammer, and it did work quite well, and was much quicker, although it doesn’t work well if you haven’t washed your material first and are joining a dark and white material together. But I have noticed that you have done pinwheels before, so I thought I would ask.
    Also, I like your green binding. Oh and is this one of your 52 quilts? I love what your doing. And I love that you give back. You are an amazing young woman! I always enjoy yours and your moms posts, and creativity! Thanks for sharing.

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