Halloween Finale

My family has a standing joke about me making boys walk into walls. It started because it actually did happen once, and that was years ago, but they still like to bug me about it, even though it technically wasn’t my fault. Last night as I walked down the hall in my Halloween costume, my brother looks up from tying his shoes and says “Venture (Which is our school) better call their contractor, because there’s going to be dents in the wall tonight.” You have to love family…


Here’s the completed costume! I absolutely LOVE this, and it was great for our Halloween concert at school.


So yep, it was a great night, but I was super tired when we got home, so this morning I took a picture of the accessories…


Definitely one of the better costumes I’ve ever had…



3 thoughts on “Halloween Finale

  1. What happened to the little girl I used to know? LOL You look fabulous and it wouldn’t surprise me to know that there WERE dents in the wall after the concert! That is a great costume, or even a great concert-going outfit! Well, maybe without the accessories. =)

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