Yes or No…

So, I thought that my picture arrangement was for this outfit was sheer genius, but looking at the pictures…I don’t think this worked quite as well as I hoped. Oh well, you are all creative people, I’m sure you can put all of this together. It was a good idea that was modeled in a slightly unfortunate way.


I thought that the tree shade would provide some artistic shading for the outfit…The shading was accomplished, but not in quite the way I expected.


This outfit consists of a very simple black dress, a much used and loved red belt, and my all purpose red jacket which I kind of wear whenever it works. And sometimes when it doesn’t I’m sure. The final touch (And my favorite) are my perfect red shoes, which are not only classy, but comfy as well.

Thanks for reading,


4 thoughts on “Yes or No…

  1. It’s a very classic look. I know you learned something about settings from this experience. It’s still a cute outfit and not so terrible a setting. I always have a pair of little red shoes in my closet. I love the current pair, and look forward to finding the next ones. =)

  2. awesome, just awesome you look great! the shading worked well enough, maybe next time a little more shade or a larger tree would work, love the outfit!!

  3. I love your creations. So much talent for a young girl. Your shading worked ok. Maybe the next time if the sun wasn’t quite so bright there would be less “patches”. It’s all a learning experience. Keep trying different things and keep posting.

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