My New Footie P.J.s….

Now, I am not against footed pajamas. They are fine and dandy. But…Some things were never meant to have closed off feet…


And one of those things is jeans…Do these look a little long to you??? I have some jeans made by this brand (Lucky Brand) But these are the “long” variety. I have kind of  short legs for my height, so long jeans didn’t work out that well.  But lo and behold, this is why scissors were made! A few brief snips later, and after a few seams on the trusty Dressmaker, I had myself some great jeans.



Of course, great jeans need a great outfit, so I went on a closet rummage. The result was pretty good I think, and all in all I’m pretty pleased.


So here’s to a great pants repair. Cute, functional, comfy…Yeah, can you tell I’m happy with them?




3 thoughts on “My New Footie P.J.s….

  1. Is that your Day 1 school outfit? Or did you say you wear uniforms? That’s a great look, very modern, and very feminine, both. I love your title and that first picture! Yes, not a good PJ! =)

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